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1.   What’s PIN?

PIN- Personal Identification Number, is a confidential password comprised of 6 digits applied by the customer for access of services at ATMs and payment at acquiring points (such as restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, entertainment places, etc.)

2.    Can PIN as printed on PIN Notification provided by the bank on card issuance or re-issuance be used for transactions?

PIN as printed on PIN Notification issued by the bank is eligible for transactions.

However, in order to make it easy for customers to remember the PIN and avoid risks in case of card or PIN mailer loss, customers are advised to change PIN at ATM or POS by inputting 6 digits automatically issued by the bank, then choosing 6 new digits and confirming the new PIN.
This change can only be done at ATM or POS owned by SeABank.
Note: When selecting PIN, it is advisory not to choose those at ease of identification like birthday, phone number, ID number or passport number.

3.   Can ATM cards issued by SeABank be accessible at those of other banks?

Yes. Currently, ATM cards issued by SeABank can be accessible at all ATMs owned by SeABank. Besides, SeABank cardholders are eligible at any ATM/POS of banks within Smartlink and BanknetVN.

List of banks accepting SeABank cards: 






Southeast Asia Joint stock Commercial Bank

Smartlink + Banknetvn



Commercial Bank for foreign trade of VN




Vietnam Technological and Commercial Bank




Vietnam International Commercial Joint stock Bank




Military Joint stock Commercial Bank of VN




Indovina Bank, Ltd.




Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development




Bank for Investment and Development of VN




Mekong Housing Bank




An Binh Joint stock Commercial Bank

Smartlink + Banknetvn



Vietnam Private Joint stock Commercial Bank




Nam Viet Joint stock Commercial Bank




Sai Gon Joint stock Commercial Bank




Viet A Joint stock Commercial Bank




Asia Commercial Bank

Smartlink + Banknetvn



VN Joint stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade




Export-import Joint stock Commercial Bank




Sai Gon Thuong Tin Bank

Smartlink + Banknetvn



Dong A Bank


4.    What do I have to do for issuance of an S24+ card?
Please kindly fill out the form of account opening and card issuing, submit it together with a copy of the identity card or passport (with reference of the original).

5.    Where can I register an S24+ card?
You can visit any outlets of SeABank for registration.

7. How long does it take for me to get the card?
You will get the card within 02 days in case of fast-issuance request. Normally, it takes 5 days.

8.    What’s the difference between the main cardholder and the supplementary cardholder? What are the rights of the main cardholder?
Main cardholder: the person whose name is used for registration of card issuance.
Supplementary cardholder: the person who is given the card at the request and guarantee of the main cardholder. Both the main and supplementary cardholders use a common account issued to the main cardholder by the bank.
The main cardholder has the right to set and adjust the limit assigned to the supplementary cardholder without prior agreement of the supplementary cardholder. The bank shall not be responsible for any arising disputes between the main and supplementary cardholders.

9.    To whom can I open the card and what are the procedures?
Only the main cardholder is eligible for making requests of issuing supplementary cards to others with the maximum number of 03 supplementary cards.
To open a supplementary card, please visit the card issuing bank (remember to carry the identity card) or register on the application form when applying for the main card.

10.    Do I have to maintain a minimum balance? If yes, how much is required?
You have to keep a balance of at least 100.000 VNĐ in your account.

11.    In case of any errors related to the card, how do I inform the bank?
In such a case, please immediately visit any outlets of SeABank  for notification or inform:
Cal Center – SeABank
Address: No. 25 Trần Hưng Đạo, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội
Phone: (04) 3944 8688/Fax: (04) 3944 8689


12.   What should I do when I recognize any transaction errors at ATM?

In case of encountering a transaction error (difference between the actual withdrawing amount and the debited amount,…), please kindly visit the nearest outlet of SeABank as soon as possible to fill out the Investigation Request form, including: card information, transaction place, transaction amount, transaction date.

* Note: Receipt after each transaction should be retained for further investigation in case of any arising disputes.

13. My card is occasionally kept in the ATM. Why? What should I do in that case?

For security of the cardholder, the ATM card shall be retained in the following cases:

The card is blacklisted.
·         PIN is wrongly input more than 3 times.
·         No receipt of the card is done after 30 seconds since the completion of the transaction and the card returning from the ATM.
In case the card is retained in the ATM:
·         Please visit our outlet or dial 1900 555 587 for instructions and support in order to receive the card back at the Branch/ Transaction Office appointed by the bank.
·         Duration: after 24 working hours since the card is retained (please bring along your identity card to get the card back).

14.  What should I do if I forget the PIN? Do I suffer from money loss if I loose my card?
If you forget the PIN, please contact SeABank for a new PIN.
You may completely feel at ease from money loss in case you loose your card, because of the following reasons:
·         2 components must be needed for use of the card: card and PIN.
·         As such, money loss may only occur when your card is held and the PIN is known by the other person.
You should dial our hotline at 04 – 7724736 and provide us with information about: cardholder’s full-name, ID number, address… so that our staff block the account or make appropriate measures. You should then visit the nearest outlet of SeABank for notification of card loss.

15. What kind of currency can I receive from ATMs?





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